Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Google to Offer Free Real-Time Quotes

Google is apparently working on a way to let the world have access to real-time stock quotes for free! Katie Stanton talks about it on the Google Blog. What would make it really interesting is if Google were to also start building a bunch of market tools around the real-time quotes. For example, real-time streaming stock charts with technical indicators -- something that one-ups and Or real-time scans of the market, such as looking for stocks showing unusual trading volume by 10:30am ET, or strongest movers in the last hour, or live market breadth indicators -- things that would make you hesistate paying money to Equis or Worden Brothers. Wouldn't it be cool if you could configure stock alerts that Google would send to your mobile phone to notify when particular criteria (even advanced technical criteria) are met for stocks on your watch list? I think they should call it Google Livestock. :)


At 3:41 PM, November 18, 2009, Blogger Mr.Jeff said...

Yeah, then you could use your smart phone to act on the google info and trade in real time while in line at CostCo. How cool is that?


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