Saturday, November 11, 2006

Kicker Signal Setups

I wrote a scan for stocks currently with the Kicker Signal setup. As of today (Nov 10), here are the best ones:
  • AIG -- bullish kicker. In uptrend, strong volume, Bollinger band breakout, ADX rising with +DI well above -DI, MACD histogram gave buy signal 3 days ago, and stochastics showing momentum. The kick was also a breakout from a one-month basing pattern, and the Friday close is now testing a high from Jan.
  • PCAR -- bullish kicker. In long-term uptrend. Friday was PCAR's all-time high close. It happened on volume, with a Bollinger band breakout, MACD histogram buy signal, stochastic buy signal, ADX rising with +DI above -DI, and parabolic SAR buy signal.
  • EMR -- bullish kicker on Nov 7. The day after was EMR's all-time high close. Short-term uptrend. MACD buy signal, stochastic buy signal, ADX rising with +DI above -DI. Expect support at 86; if it pulls back to 86, that looks like a good entry.
  • DIS -- bearish kicker, blowout pattern. MACD and stochastic both in overbought region. ADX line declining, -DI rising sharply. Parabolic SAR showing sell signal.
  • EZPW -- bearish kicker with volume. Stochastic in overbought zone. Very strong divergence between MACD histogram and price. -DI crossed above +DI.
  • BGC -- bearish kicker (Nov 9) with very strong volume, stronger than the earlier gap down through support on Oct 31. Failed attempt to break back above the old support trendline on Nov 8; during upward move, volume weakened. Nov 10 was also a strong volume day (intraday chart shows strong selling pressure), with very limited upside momentum. ADX line is falling rapidly; the old uptrend is dead.
  • ING -- bearish kicker (Nov 9) with strong volume. -DI crossed above +DI and went higher than +DI's recent high. But, stay out if price on Monday opens in the gap.
  • RHD -- bearish kicker (Nov 9) with very strong volume. Stochastics in overbought, MACD histogram giving sell signal.
  • SLM -- bearish kicker (Nov 8) with very strong volume. Stochastics and MACD histogram in overbought zones. ADX rising with -DI over +DI.
  • WLP -- bearish kicker (Nov 8) with moderate volume. Volume increasing as price falls. ADX rising above 30 with -DI making higher highs. If enter bearish play, put stop loss at 73.65. Expecting stock to fall below 72.
  • XLV -- bearish kicker (Nov 8-9) with rising volume. -DI spiked up to meet +DI's last high. Thursday and Friday closing prices were outside the lower Bollinger band.


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