Thursday, November 02, 2006

Technical Combination - DMI, 10/20 EMAs, MACD, Sto

This combination of entry rules:
  • Entry alert when +DI(14) crosses above -DI(14).
  • If ADX(14) is not rising, wait for it to rise before entering.
  • If EMA(10) is below EMA(20), wait for EMA(10) to cross above EMA(20).
  • Look to MACD(8,17,9) and Sto(14,5,0) for final confirmation of entry.
would have worked excellently with OSIR on Oct 9 (click to enlarge):

Exiting when MACD histogram peaked the first time after the entry would have gotten you out with a 25% gain on a stock trade. Or if you somehow had the guts to wait and sell at 19 or 20, it'd be about an 80% gain.


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