Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Online Book - Strategies, Sectors, and Economic Indicators

I was wandering through web searches looking for information on the 10-year Treasury Note ($TNX) and the 3-month Treasury Bill ($IRX), and came across a free online book titled Investment Strategies Using Stock Market Sectors, by George Dagnino. Dagnino mentions in Chapter 1 that he has experience managing $4 billion over a variety of asset classes.

I've just started reading the book, and so far Dagnino seems to recommend a very realistic, hype-free approach to the stock market, though with the occasional shameless plug for one of his books and his newsletters. Similar to Alexander Elder's book Trading for a Living, Dagnino emphasizes the importance of money management through a disciplined investment process where risk is constantly re-evaluated and the hallmark of a successful investor is predictable and stable returns. He also devotes some chapters to economic indicators and how they relate to stock sectors and business cycles. This looks like a good intro to financial markets.


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